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General, homeowners will pick a contractor offering the lowest price for roofing or other similar tasks. Is the price of the roofing job all that you should think about when selecting a contractor? Any homeowner would want to save a currency or two when it comes to unexpected expenses such as roofing. However, it depends on the type of contractor you engage when it comes to a Roofing Contractor. The discussion points out some useful tips when hiring each of these contractors.

Hiring a roofing contractor

The term defines anyone who works on roofs. As such, this person may be:

• A general contractor
• A roofing contractor with a license
• Somebody employed by a roofing firm
• An unlicensed roofer

The term brings a lot of ambiguity when it comes to any liability that results from a roofing job. Thus homeowners should get clarification about the roofer’s:

License: Most states require folks to engage licensed roofers. The codes differ from one state to another, hence the need for homeowners to check the code requirements for their area. If the state code requires the roofers to be licensed, work with those who have one and ensure the license is updated. If the contractor is licensed, it’s important to determine if he is working independently as a roofing contractor or a general contractor.

Workman’s compensation insurance: Check to see the roofer’s certificates and call the insurance provider to confirm their validity. It protects you from any medical or other costs that may occur if an employee gets injured on your property. A while ago, roofing contractors with few employees (three or less) were not required to present a workman’s compensation insurance; today the law is stringent concerning this matter.

Price: A contractor who has overheads and has signed up for an insurance policy sets a price that covers all such costs. Cheap bids only drive down the roofing market. Unlicensed roofers often work from a pick-up truck, hence offer low-prices and mediocre services. As such, clients that use price as their sole selection criteria end up spending more to fix problems caused by the roofers.

Residence: Local roofers are more conversant with the local rules and regulations. What’s more, the contractors know the local suppliers and crews hence can always haggle for lower prices.

Hiring a general contractor

A general contractor takes on different personas. He not only undertakes roofing projects but building, plumbing, remodeling and other such residential projects. In a case where a homeowner has engaged a general contractor for a roofing job, he subcontracts the task to a roofing firm or other licensed roofer. The general contractor negotiates the price on behalf of the client, organizes and supervises the entire roofing process. The general contractor saves you time and the pressure that comes with haggling prices with independent roofers.

Now you know one or two things about hiring a General Contractor Vs. Roofer Contractors. To avoid the stress that comes with hiring contractors for roofing or other tasks in your home hire a general contractor. This would make your work much easier and you would not have to micromanage every task.

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