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Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are substantially superior to all the conventional skylight materials in almost all areas of comparison. The following comparison chart will provide you a better insight on its superiority:

Multiwall Sheets

Multiwall sheets, as their name suggests are hollow or fluted polycarbonate sheets which have two thin walls separated by vertical ribs. The hollow air gap provides excellent thermal insulation property and the sheets are extremely light weight. The vertical ribs also provide superb rigidity to these sheets. Multiwall sheets are a product of choice for atria, vaulted skylights, canopies, awnings and large skylight domes in commercial areas. These sheets provide excellent economic value for such applications. Multiwall sheets are available in clear, tints and opal white variants. The thickness range is as follows: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 10mm Triple wall & 16mm Triple wall.

The excellent thermal insulation of polycarbonate multi-wall structured sheeting results from the air cells inside the hollow structure of the sheet. It has a much higher insulating ability than single walled, corrugated, or solid flat sheets. It offers lower heat loss (or gain), and therefore – higher energy efficiency. Multi-wall structured sheeting, with its co-extruded UV protective layer, will resist the effects of solar UV radiation.